Preparing for the Wedding Gate crash

Preparing for the Wedding Gate crash

Preparing for the Wedding Gate crash

Everyone knows if you’re in Singapore and there’s a wedding coming up, you’ve got to have a gate crash! A gate crash is super fun, but how do you plan one? It’s easy enough to participate or watch a gate crash happening, but what goes on behind the scenes? Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as it looks. All you need is a few tips and you’ll be hosting the best gate crash event in Singapore!

Don’t Go Too Far!

One of the first mistakes people make when planning a wedding gate crash is to neglect the comfort of the groom. Don’t just plan torturous games before you figure out the confidence level of the groom participating. If you go too far, you may embarrass him to the point that you ruin his own gate crash! Make sure that your plan will challenge and tease him and his groomsmen, so long as you’re sure he can cope up with it.

Plan Too Many Games Deliberately

You’d be surprised how many games are never even executed from the original plan of most wedding gate crashes. While it may be unfortunate to already have a game planned and never get the chance to use it, it’s much better than the alternative. Far better to miss a game than to stand there awkwardly admitting that you ran out when the gate crash is just half done!

Make Sure it’s Based Around the Bride and Groom

Don’t just copy any random wedding gate crash from the internet; or a gate crash you’ve been to before. Make sure to spend a little extra effort trying to make the event be based around the bride and groom. Make the games have something to do with a joke or a tease that the bride has over the groom. Find out his ‘weaknesses’ and exploit them! (Without embarrassing him too much!) Perhaps make some of the games test the groom’s knowledge of his soon-to-be wife! Get creative!

Get People Involved

Don’t just leave the audience hanging; get ‘em in there! A gate crash is never more fun than when the entire audience gets to do something about it too. Perhaps if and when the groom slips up with one of the games the audience gets to throw a tomato or water balloon at him! Maybe they get vote for which of the groomsmen or the groom himself is winning. Perhaps they each get to take turns giving out a punishment every time someone gets a penalty. Trust me, they’ll love it! I know I would!

Be Prepared to be Flexible

The sad truth of life is that not everything always goes according to the plan. This applies to a wedding gate crash just as it does to life. But don’t worry about it! Sure, maybe one or two of the games gets a little messy because the participants were not so sure about the rules; that’s fine! Roll with it! It is just as hilarious to watch a groom and his groomsmen flopping around trying to figure out what to do as it is to play the game in the first place! All-in-all, just do you best and make sure you’re having fun; because if you’re having fun, so will everyone else!

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