Bride preparing for the big day can lose weight

Bride preparing for the big day can lose weight

Bride preparing for the big day can lose weight

Not only fast weight loss treatment for the big day help to give the bride more confidence, but with the pressure of planning a wedding, future brides can learn healthy eating habits for a lifetime, and maybe even share them with the future husband.

1) Plan well before D-Day

Do not wait a week before your wedding to decide to lose extra pounds. We recommend an average weight loss of 1 kilogram maximum per week. If your goal is to lose 8 kilograms, you may need 2 to 3 months to reach this goal. Use your beautiful wedding dress as motivation to reach your goal. Wedding dresses can always be re-cut, even up to a month before the big day, so hold your motivation while thinking about your dream dress.

2) Stay in control of your union and your hunger

There is evidence that stress can lead to some bad eating habits. That’s why it’s important that you control emotional hunger. Just like checking and controlling your suppliers, invitations and the guest list, do the same thing with what you eat by keeping track of everything you eat. And try to understand why you eat impulsively.

To determine if hunger or emotion is responsible for triggering a snack, ask yourself if you are hungry enough to eat an apple. If the answer is yes, it’s about hunger. Also, drink when you think you are hungry because the signs of hunger or thirst are similar.

If the answer is no, then find another way to reduce stress – like making a phone call.

3) Continue to exercise

Physical activity is essential for burning calories and eliminating stress. Physical exercise can also be a great way to spend more time with your future spouse. Intervening between future spouses often helps to maintain motivation and working as a duo often leads to better results and a solid foundation for building a life together, as long as you know what you are doing. do not tell a spouse when he is trying to slim down.

So, do not take the excuse of having too much to do with work and preparation for the wedding to avoid physical exercise.

4) Think about cooking to prepare your wedding and your wedding list

Spend time during your engagement to experiment with healthy cooking techniques and slimming recipes to revive your favorite recipes. In doing so, you can prepare healthy meals after getting married. Registering the right kitchen items on your wedding list will help you maintain these healthy eating habits for life.

Do not forget to select cooking utensils that make it easy to cook healthily, such as nonstick pans, a steamer, an indoor grill, and more. Ask for smaller dishes (especially plates) that will discourage your desire to overeat and allow you to better gauge the size of the portions.

5) Find a support system

Do not try to be the “super bride” by doing everything yourself. Ask friends and family for help. The same goes for your weight loss. Did you know that with a support group that encourages and encourages each other, people can lose three times more weight than if they were trying to lose weight alone?

Finding a support system is one of the 5 basic rules for successful fast weight loss treatment. The system of support and mutual aid is also one of the pillars of the Weight Watchers diet (the famous WW meetings).

6) Practice your cooking skills

Try to prepare some very healthy slimming recipes, to try on your fiance, before the big day. This is the ideal time to start practicing dishes that you will love both. And if your man has a few kilograms to lose even before the union, he will appreciate even more your efforts.


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