That’s it, you said yes! Past this moment of joy come, very quickly, the preparations for the wedding. Who can take the obstacle course for anyone lacking organization. In order to better live this preparation, and to be sure not to forget anything for D-Day, Grazia has called on the wedding planner, Caroline Le Moigne-Hirel, director of the agency head searchers in which she Since 2006, imagine refined and elegant weddings. Aspire Whitening Northants



1. Anticipate … and prioritize . If the decision to marry can be made in a whim (or rather a knee bent, still more romantic), the preparation of the wedding takes much more time. ” Ideally, we must anticipate between 1 year and a half and six months in advance, ” advocates Caroline Le Moigne-Hirel. But then, where do we start? The search of the place or places of reception, and in case of religious marriage, the reservation of the schedule. Then by booking (if any) accommodation for the guests. What already set the date for good.


2. Delegate, at right dose. You may be multitasking, but managing everything for your wedding is almost impossible. Hence the idea of delegating a little to people of confidence. ” Delegating to relatives during the so-called production phase (preparation before D-Day) can be invaluable, but avoid asking them on D-Day as they may miss out on this wonderful day of sharing.” And no one wants his mother / cousin / best friend to say ad vitam aeternam that she did not even have time to enjoy the buffet that day.


3. Tight budget? Think of the privatization of a restaurant. This is the advice of our wedding planner to help smaller budgets organize a beautiful wedding without sacrificing quality: the privatization of a restaurant . ” This has a double advantage: no rental furniture and tableware to provide and often no rental costs to absorb because the simple fact of bringing a minimum turnover is enough.Numerous and charming restaurants, with a beautiful immediate environment, are often overlooked by the general public ” .


4. For the reception area, do not forget the practical details. Of course, the choice of your venue will depend on its aesthetics and potential atmosphere. But be careful not to omit the practical details: ” It is necessary to check the sound constraints, the schedules of provision of the place for the assembly and disassembly to avoid the unpleasant surprises of adding last minute cost, the integrated services (security, hostess cloakroom, placard parking, manager etc.), checking compliance with safety rules (emergency exits and presence of extinguishers etc ..) “. Finally, do not forget to check that the venue does not simultaneously host other events in the immediate vicinity!


5. Ideas to sublimate a classic place. To highlight a historic or very classic place, Caroline Lemoigne-Hirel entrusts us with a tip that works on: ” bet on a 100% candlestick atmosphere will bring real magic “. Another idea, to contrast the classicism of the place with a very contemporary decor can be interesting. In terms of trends, our wedding planter reveals that shades of green, and the integration of nature as a key element of the decor are popular.


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