5 Things a Bride should Prepare for her Wedding

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5 Things a Bride should Prepare for her Wedding

Your wedding is coming up? That’s amazing! What do you have left to prepare for it? You’re not sure? Well, we can’t have that now, can we?! How about we go through a list of the five most important things for you to remember to prepare, shall we?

Wedding decor

Decorations are a Must

You’ve got to be ready with your decoration plan! Do you prefer fanciful or simplistic decorations? What colours do you want? Figure out exactly what you want and then get on your phone to a wedding planner! Tell them exactly what you want and they had definitely better do exactly as you ask!

You’re Going to Need the Perfect Caterers

Every wedding needs food, am I right? Not just for the sake of the guests but for you! Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days you’ve ever had; but I guarantee you when it’s coming to an end you’re going to forget where you are and dive for the tables! So make sure you find excellent caterers. Don’t settle for any mediocre cooks. Find ones with high reviews and pizazz! Once you find them, throw all your favourite foods in that delicious order and look forward to seeing the fantastic result!

What’s a Wedding Without Flowers?

FlowersJust about every bride wants flowers at her wedding! Nowadays, you don’t really see any weddings without flowers at them. So head online and figure out what kind of flowers you want spread throughout your wedding room. Whatever flowers you choose, I know they will look as gorgeous as you!

Don’t Forget Your Dress!

Speaking of gorgeous you, have you bought your dress yet? Take as long as you please with this one! Your dress should be absolutely perfect. When someone sees the dress in a random closet they should feel like singing your name. Make sure you get it fitted to your exact measurements, so that it looks lovely, but is also comfy! (Trust me; you don’t want an uncomfortable dress for a whole day!) Once you have it and you can see that it fits and looks perfect, don’t be a silly woman and try to diet! You’re stunning just as you are; I think so, and more importantly, your husband-to-be thinks so! So be proud and eat your regular diet so you can be as strong and healthy as ever when your big day comes!

Bride and Groom

And Then There’s Your ‘Husband’

Every woman knows that by the time you’ve run around getting everything ready, your silly old fiancée is going to be running around like a headless chicken because he hasn’t even gone to buy a suit yet! So of course you may want to set aside some extra time to catch him up. Sounds annoying, but hey; you love him right? Of course you do. So what better way to spend your last moments as an unmarried couple, than doing something super nice for your man?

How to be Sure a Man is the One for You

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How to be Sure a Man is the One for You

It’s wonderful to be madly in love, isn’t it? Walking side by side with the man you love. But then the day comes when things seem to be turning serious and you’re left wondering if he’s truly right for you. How can you be sure that you will still love him and that he will still love you when you’re married? There’s no easy answer to that question, but here’s a few things to look out for if you want to know whether your handsome man is genuine or not.

worried woman

Are You His Queen?

This doesn’t mean he’s constantly showering you with gifts, love, and attention. (Though those things are nice too, aren’t they?) What it means is that in all circumstances, no matter how busy or complicated his life is at the time; he will always find the time for you. He should always put you first, no matter what. Of course there will be times where he needs to leave if he has work to do or his Mum wants him to help her out painting a fence. But regardless of these things, he always makes sure that you know he’s thinking about you; he’s always there when you need him or when you’re upset. If this is true, then you’re already partway to proving he is the ‘One’!

How does He Treat Your Friends?

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy for a guy to pretend he cares for you more than himself, even for years! The quickest way to learn if he is truly genuine is by observing his behaviour with your friends. If you introduce him to your closest of friends and he decides that he doesn’t care about socializing with them. If he leaves and tells you to call him when you’re done with them, then a warning sign should go off in your head. More often than not, the way a man treats your friends is exactly how he’s going to treat you once he’s got you stuck with him!


Can you be Completely Honest with Him?

guy and girlIf you find yourself hiding things or keeping issues quiet because you don’t want to upset your man, then you may have a small problem. A man who is worthy of marrying a woman should be able to accept anything that she thinks or feels, within logical reason. Assuming for the moment that you have done no fault and have nothing serious to hide, such as cheating, but even the smallest of things will set him off he is not right for you. You cannot submit yourself to a life of sneaking around trying not to irritate your husband. You’d go mad! It’s perfectly okay if he gets a bit upset about something you’ve done or told him, so long as he forgives quickly if not immediately! If your man can’t accept the full truth from you, then he doesn’t deserve you! Communication is the key to the success of any relationship! If your guy is free of all those issues, then there’s a good chance he is the ‘One’ for you!

Preparing for the Wedding Gate crash

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Preparing for the Wedding Gate crash

Everyone knows if you’re in Singapore and there’s a wedding coming up, you’ve got to have a gate crash! A gate crash is super fun, but how do you plan one? It’s easy enough to participate or watch a gate crash happening, but what goes on behind the scenes? Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as it looks. All you need is a few tips and you’ll be hosting the best gate crash event in Singapore!

Don’t Go Too Far!

One of the first mistakes people make when planning a wedding gate crash is to neglect the comfort of the groom. Don’t just plan torturous games before you figure out the confidence level of the groom participating. If you go too far, you may embarrass him to the point that you ruin his own gate crash! Make sure that your plan will challenge and tease him and his groomsmen, so long as you’re sure he can cope up with it.

Plan Too Many Games Deliberately

gatecrashYou’d be surprised how many games are never even executed from the original plan of most wedding gate crashes. While it may be unfortunate to already have a game planned and never get the chance to use it, it’s much better than the alternative. Far better to miss a game than to stand there awkwardly admitting that you ran out when the gate crash is just half done!

Make Sure it’s Based Around the Bride and Groom

Don’t just copy any random wedding gate crash from the internet; or a gate crash you’ve been to before. Make sure to spend a little extra effort trying to make the event be based around the bride and groom. Make the games have something to do with a joke or a tease that the bride has over the groom. Find out his ‘weaknesses’ and exploit them! (Without embarrassing him too much!) Perhaps make some of the games test the groom’s knowledge of his soon-to-be wife! Get creative!

Get People Involved

Don’t just leave the audience hanging; get ‘em in there! A gate crash is never more fun than when the entire audience gets to do something about it too. Perhaps if and when the groom slips up with one of the games the audience gets to throw a tomato or water balloon at him! Maybe they get vote for which of the groomsmen or the groom himself is winning. Perhaps they each get to take turns giving out a punishment every time someone gets a penalty. Trust me, they’ll love it! I know I would!
gate crash

Be Prepared to be Flexible

The sad truth of life is that not everything always goes according to the plan. This applies to a wedding gate crash just as it does to life. But don’t worry about it! Sure, maybe one or two of the games gets a little messy because the participants were not so sure about the rules; that’s fine! Roll with it! It is just as hilarious to watch a groom and his groomsmen flopping around trying to figure out what to do as it is to play the game in the first place! All-in-all, just do you best and make sure you’re having fun; because if you’re having fun, so will everyone else!

How to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

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How to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Planning out a wedding is a very stressful, yet highly worthwhile venture. There are so many details to keep track of that by the time it comes you just want to get it started so you don’t need to keep them in your mind anymore. It would be perfect if we could plan a wedding just for ourselves; but this is not the case. Every guest you have invited is going to come just for you; but that won’t stop them from getting bored later on, will it? So, what are we going to do about that? There must be some way to keep them entertained!

wedding guests

Get Them to Laugh

Whether it’s a speech written to make fun of the groom or an actual hired comedian, people love to laugh. So during those intervals where not much is going on is the perfect time for either one of those. Usually the best way is to get the best-man to give a speech, revealing to the world all the groom’s deepest, darkest embarrassments! Most of the people present will likely know the groom well and will appreciate such jokes. They may even want to share some of their own!

Make Way for the Dance floor!

guests dancingNot everyone loves to dance, but the ones who do won’t hesitate to throw themselves out there if you give them a chance! Slap on some music and make sure to have enough room somewhere so everyone can dance together! Grab a spotlight if you have one and bust some moves of your own with the one you just married! Spotlight or not, I guarantee you’ll be keeping people entertained with that. Whether you’re good or not, everyone will have a blast!

Prepare a Slideshow

Everyone loves a good slideshow! So grab a whole bunch of pictures; baby photos; pics of when the couple first me; anything from then until now will work! Memories are wonderful things. It’s always good to share them. Hire a band or have some soft music going in the background in order to set the mood. That should keep them entertained for a while!


wedding food

Food! Gimme the Food!

Nothing makes people happier than a wonderful wedding style buffet. Tables and tables piled up with food and drink. Not a person in the whole room will be left sitting. Not only will this keep your guests entertained, but it will give you the chance to relax a bit and just have a chat while stuffing your face due to your extreme exhaustion from the events of the day. You and your spouse deserve a break too, right? The best part about using food is that you can do it twice! That’s right! You have your buffet dinner early on in the reception; then closer to the end you open the desert tables! Once again people will come running back for more! When it comes down to it, keeping your guests entertained doesn’t require all that much planning. You just have to do the things that you would enjoy anyway and all your guests will follow along with you!


How to Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day

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How to Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day, don’t they? Well, believe it or not, it isn’t as hard to pull off as you would think. Many people go way overboard, thinking they need to spend thousands of dollars on makeup just to look their best. Well take it from me; looking your best is a lot cheaper than that. In fact, it doesn’t cost a thing! Here are a few tips on how to look beautiful on your wedding day.

woman stretching

Start Stretching

Doing daily stretches does wonders for your body. If you do them every day for at least twenty to thirty minutes, making sure to hit every muscle you have, you’ll notice a change in muscle tone. Stretching doesn’t make you look hunky or big, but it does improve flexibility helps to keep those fat lines away! Not only that, but stretching always increases your energy levels after a time. You’d think doing stretches as well as preparing for your wedding would tire you out, when in fact the stretching helps to relax your body and provides you with additional energy levels as you go. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start stretching!

Having a Reasonable Diet

woman eating healthy foodHave you ever gone on a starvation diet and tried to eat next to nothing for several days? If so, please stop. Starving your body does not help you lose weight; what it really does is puts your body into what is known as starvation mode. When the body thinks you have no food because you aren’t eating, it starts to store what little you do eat as extra fat! If you really want to diet, don’t change the volume of food; change the type of food! If you are eating fried, oily foods all the time, simply switch out those foods for more nutritious foods. What are the best foods to eat? Just remember this; the closer the food is to what nature intended for it to be, the better the food is for you. If the food is a vegetable, don’t fry it; eat it raw or steam it if it’s too hard to be eaten raw. So long as the food you eat is good for you, there’s no need to starve yourself!


Don’t Go too Overboard With Your Look

If you’re used to a certain style of make-up, then don’t stray far from that. You can put a little more effort in than you would normally, of course, but don’t completely change your style. Trust me, you do not want to walk down the aisle and have everyone trying to figure out if it really is you or not! It’s better to still look yourself, while being just a bit shinier than you would normally. Really, in the end, what matters is that you’re taking care of yourself and that your man accepts you and thinks you’re the most gorgeous woman in the whole world. Because if that’s what your bae thinks, then it’s the truth!

Lovely Wedding Décor that You Just Must Get!

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Lovely Wedding Décor that You Just Must Get!

Weddings are amazing! They always look so brilliant and perfect! No matter your tastes, there’s always a wedding venue and setup out there that you just love. It seems like no matter how many weddings you go to, the décor of each one is always unique; not a single wedding setup is the same! This is largely due to the fact that there is so much diversity of décor options that you can find just about anything you like. Trust me, even if you have a very strict style, I promise you’re going to love at least one of these!

Fancy and Blue

blue wedding decorIt is apparent that the bride and groom of this wedding love their blue! They have gorgeous blue chairs and blue tablecloth, with a lovely array of candles and pinkie-purple flowers. Even the napkins are blue! Above these tables are a whole bunch of perfectly placed light and dark blue ribbons, almost like curtains, wrapped together forming an upside down dome! This style of wedding décor is for those who love fancy themed weddings. If you are one of those who want to be fancy, consider something like this! You can always change the colour theme if you have a different favourite!

Where’s the Liquor?

liquor wedding decorIt’s pretty obvious what the theme of this one is! You have very simple, but still lovely white covered tables with the appropriate plates and cutlery. In the centre of each table is a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Draped over the ceiling are eight strips of thin white cloth. The rest of the room looks almost like a barn; and then there are the things that I bet you noticed first! More than twenty giant barrels of liquor surround the entire two back walls! If you love your liquor almost as much as you love your soon-to-be spouse, then this is the décor for you!

Elegant, Yet Amazing!

Simple wedding decorThis wedding was set up outside in a gorgeous field of grass! Pretty green trees in the background add to the simplistic, yet very unique décor. One long table spreads out in a zig-zag line underneath a bunch of overhead lights. On the table sits sets of different coloured candles and greenery, all equally spread across the table. The glasses for each guest are perfectly cleaned and crystal clear. Even the chairs, which are a simple brown wood, have an elegant uniqueness to them. If you’d like to have a simple but still amazingly stylish themed wedding then something like this one may be to your liking!

Well, What are You Waiting for?!

Now that you know your style, you can get out there and start planning your own perfectly decorated wedding! Remember, while you may like the décor you’ve seen above, everyone has a unique idea of what their wedding is to be like in the end. Sure, follow along with the style you prefer, but don’t just settle for a copy! Design your own décor and then find someone with the capability of making your dreams come true!