Your biggest failures of marriage: a dress full of mud, a power cut.

Your biggest failures of marriage: a dress full of mud, a power cut.

We have prepared this event for months, having hired the best wedding planner of all time; we cannot always control the weather, the caterer or the actions of some guests.

Reliable builders Stony Stratford.


So obviously sometimes it gives big balls that would have preferred to avoid…


The problem of the playlist. “I was invited to a wedding where the bride locked herself in the bathroom for almost an hour to cry because the DJ had been partying in the village and dancing the ducks.” Celine.


Husband problem. “To know that I was a cuckold the day before the wedding, a report: a divorce announced after 15 days.” Ingrid.


Technical problem. “Invited to a wedding, everything went beautifully, until the electricity jumped in. We could not restart it, we were all in the dark, under the tent set up for the occasion in the garden. The evening was very nice: we danced to the sound of a battery-powered radio and the guests turned on the headlights of their cars to create light. Bad surprise nevertheless in the early morning when the cars did not want to restart “Anastasia.



Dress problem. “I had tried my dress in the store, everything was nickel, but the day I in my keychain I did not have the right petticoat .. Result: shitty dress She had to be puffed was straight at no pace. did not stop there, my in-laws arrived 45 minutes late at the town hall, and at the end of the ceremony there was no one left (everyone was already gone) and we were the first to Finally, the food turned in the fridge and the piece climbed down … “Marianne.


Weather problem. “I attended a wedding in August in the Beaujolais, where it was more than 40 ° in the shade. After 30 minutes of a beautiful cocktail, the caterer told the father of the bride to return everything because a storm the father said no, the storm would pass by, and his friends in the area insisted, because there was a sudden heat storm in the area and he persisted: it would be next to him. Minutes later, a huge storm broke out, devastating all the buffets, the guests ran for shelter and as nothing was planned, we spent 1:30 squashed under a canopy, half soaked. I let you imagine the carnage … Fortunately, the champagne bottles intact made us forget! ” Solene.


Health problem. “It was my cousin’s wedding, it was hot, I had a great Sonia Rykiel dress which twirled beautifully and I had been waiting impatiently for three months. Mass is going on normally and in front of the church while everyone is waiting for the bride and groom to throw flower petals (rice is apparently hash) I see black. Literally. My sight is blurred and I’m downright blind. I call my mother in hysteria mode ) I feel that we rush around months, that I take a little away. Until my legs let go of me.



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